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Jinhua Yuhao Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

Jinhua Yuhao Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is located in the Golden Triangle Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, only 20 minutes from the famous world commodity city——Yiwu, China.

The company specializes in the production of thermal transfer film, which is widely used in the transfer printing of PS foam frame strips, transfer printing of baseboards, transfer printing of MDF, transfer printing of PVC gussets, and other fields. It is a OEM Heat Transfer Foil Factory and Thermal Transfer Film Manufacturer that introduces the world's advanced production technology and design concepts, and integrates "development, design, production and sales". It has a high reputation among peers and has strong competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.

Based on the corporate tenet of "quality first, customer first", the company is based on the domestic and foreign markets with exquisite craftsmanship, high quality, and affordable prices. It is favored by domestic and foreign merchants. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory and cooperate with us to create brilliance.

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Heat Transfer Foil Industry Knowledge Extension

Heat transfer foil, thermal transfer film, and transfer printing film are innovative materials that play pivotal roles in various industries, offering unique properties and applications. These three categories contribute significantly to the field of printing and decoration, providing distinct advantages in performance and versatility.

Heat Transfer Foil:

Heat transfer foil, a cutting-edge material, is renowned for its exceptional heat-sensitive properties. It functions by transferring a decorative layer or coating onto a substrate through the application of heat and pressure. This process results in vivid, durable, and high-quality prints on surfaces such as textiles, plastics, and metals. Heat transfer foils find extensive use in the textile and apparel industry for creating vibrant designs on fabrics. The foil's ability to adhere seamlessly to different surfaces enhances its applicability in diverse creative endeavors, making it a preferred choice for designers seeking a combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

Thermal Transfer Film:

Thermal transfer film, another key player in the realm of heat-sensitive materials, operates on the principle of thermal printing. This film is widely employed in industries where precision and clarity are paramount, such as barcode printing and labeling. The thermal transfer process involves the use of a thermal printhead to melt a wax or resin-based ink onto the substrate, ensuring a sharp and long-lasting print. This film's versatility extends to product packaging, medical labeling, and electronics, where legibility and durability are crucial. Its adaptability to various substrates and resistance to environmental factors make thermal transfer film an indispensable choice for applications demanding clarity and longevity.

Transfer Printing Film:

Transfer printing film, a versatile medium, facilitates the transfer of intricate patterns and designs onto a wide range of surfaces. This film employs a unique transfer mechanism, enabling the transfer of detailed graphics onto three-dimensional objects. It finds extensive application in industries such as ceramics, glass, and promotional products. The transfer printing process ensures that the designs adhere uniformly, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the final product. Transfer printing film is celebrated for its ability to create visually stunning and complex patterns, making it a favored choice in the production of customized items and promotional merchandise.

Performance and Application Advantages:

1. Adherence and Durability:

- Heat transfer foil excels in providing durable and vibrant prints on diverse surfaces, ensuring long-lasting visual appeal.

- Thermal transfer film offers high-resolution prints with excellent adhesion, guaranteeing legibility and durability in applications like barcode labeling.

- Transfer printing film achieves uniform adherence of intricate designs, enhancing the aesthetic value of products.

2. Versatility:

- Heat transfer foil's adaptability to various substrates makes it a versatile choice for applications in textiles, plastics, and metals.

- Thermal transfer film's flexibility extends to different industries, including product packaging, electronics, and medical labeling.

- Transfer printing film's versatility is evident in its application to ceramics, glass, and promotional items, providing customization options.

3. Precision and Clarity:

- Heat transfer foil ensures precision in design transfer, resulting in sharp and intricate patterns.

- Thermal transfer film guarantees clarity in printing, essential for applications like barcode labeling where legibility is crucial.

- Transfer printing film excels in producing detailed and visually appealing designs with high clarity.

The performance and application advantages of heat transfer foil, thermal transfer film, and transfer printing film make them indispensable in various industries, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their unique characteristics contribute to the evolution of printing and decoration technologies, meeting the diverse needs of designers, manufacturers, and consumers alike.